Cutty Grass Track

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Tramping track

From Scenic Drive, Cutty Grass Track follows an undulating ridge, passes a large kauri on the left (10 minutes); then reaches Ridge Road Track near its junction with Anawhata Road. The track recommences a short way further north along Ridge Road Track and descends easily to Anawhata Road.

Cutty Grass Track details

Regional park: Click here for information about 'Anawhata' (including gate opening hours)
Distance: 3.6 km
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Wheelchair access: No
Pram access: No

What to expect

Suitable for people of reasonable fitness and experience.

Tramping tracks will:
  • Consist of formed and drained surfaces.
  • Be signposted at track entrances and key junctions.
Tramping tracks may:
  • Have structures in permanent wet areas but waterways will not generally be bridged.
  • Tramping tracks may also have limited track information, and steep grades.


Theft from vehicles is not common but unfortunately can happen. You should take the same reasonable precautions you take when parking at other locations and remember to lock your vehicle and take your valuables with you.


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