Regional parks


Orienteering courses are available in the following four locations across the regional parks network.

Mahurangi Regional Park

Click here for an orienteering map.  Brochures (including maps) are available from the notice board.

What am I looking for?

Each control point you are looking for is a 12cmx12cm sign like this:

Orienteering control point

Mahurangi Regional Park has 20 control points.

Tidal Warning

Note that markers 1-11 are separated from markers 12-20 by the Te Muri estuary. The Te Muri estuary can only be crossed two hours either side of low tide. Tide times are posted on the noticeboard at the car park near the entrance. Check tides before you start the course. Think safe and be water safe. Watch your young ones near the water.

How to get there

Mahurangi West is 51km (50 minutes) from downtown Auckland. Drive north on State Highway 1 via the northern gateway toll road. Turn right into Mahurangi West Road (approximately 5km north of the tunnel) then right into Ngarewa Drive. Follow Ngarewa Drive to the end.

Atiu Creek Regional Park

Brochures (including maps) are available from the notice board.

What am I looking for?

Each control point you are looking for is a 12cmx12cm sign like this:

Orienteering marker

Atiu Creek Regional Park has 40 control points.

How to get there

Journey north on State Highway 1 to Wellsford.  Turn left at the Caltex station and service centre onto Port Albert Road.  Follow the signs to the park. The property lies on the Kaipara Harbour, on the Okahukura (Tapora) Peninsula.

Duder Regional Park

Maps are available from the notice board.

What am I looking for?

Each control point you are looking for a tag like this:

Orienteering control point

Duder Regional Park has 24 control points.

How to get there

Take State Highway 1 south and turn off at Te Irirangi Drive and veer left. At the fourth set of traffic lights turn right into Ormiston Road and head towards Whitford. At the T-junction turn left into Whitford and right at the roundabout onto Whitford - Maraetai Road. Continue through Maraetai and take Maraetai Coast Road to Umupuia. The park is just to the south of Umupuia on North Road.

Huia - Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

The course is currently under construction and will cover the farm and surrounding valley area at Karamatura. 

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and body. The aim is to navigate (on foot or mountain bike) between control points marked on a unique, highly detailed orienteering map while deciding the best route to complete the course in the quickest time.

Orienteering can either be a highly competitive individual sport or, when family or friends do a course together, a totally recreational activity. It is suitable for all ages, fitness and experience levels. No special equipment is needed to start with, just comfortable outdoor clothing and footwear. Compasses are not essential for beginners and most people quickly master the necessary map reading skills.

How do I start?

  • The map is designed to help you navigate the landscape by showing features like contour lines, roads, fences and vegetation. Look at the map legend before you start to identify these features.
  • Turn the map so that the vertical arrows point roughly to north and it is lined up with some of the main features such as the coast, roads, or big hills.
  • Identify the triangle on the map which indicates the start and finish point.

Preparing for orienteering

To enjoy orienteering, you will need to be prepared to walk or run on farmland and in the bush. The land may be rough underfoot. When you cross fences, do this at a corner or main post; cross locked gates at the hinge end. Please leave all gates as you found them.

  • Wear comfortable outdoor clothes and jogging or walking shoes
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen, but be prepared for rain and cold
  • Take drinks, and a snack.

How long will this course take?

It depends on how fit you are and whether you are competing with your friends and family or enjoying a non-competitive challenge. You can choose to find all or part of the control points. 

Challenge your group to a race and see who can find the most control markers the quickest!

How do I get involved in orienteering?

Contact your local orienteering club by visiting and checking the club directory.