Ti Tree Point Trail (Biking)

Important notice

This is a shared walking and mountain biking track. Please keep to the left and be mindful of other users.

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Mountain bike track

A short side track from the intersection with the Oruawharo River Trail leads out to Ti Tree Point. This is a multi-use walking and mountain biking track. It provides great views of the Oweka Tapu Pou and Solomon’s Bay and on the other side you can see Atiu Creek inlet. The Atiu Creek Regional Park opening plaque can be found here. Follow the black markers.

Ti Tree Point Trail (Biking) details

Regional park: Click here for information about 'Atiu Creek' (including gate opening hours)
Distance: 1.0 km
Time: 15 minutes
Wheelchair access: No
Pram access: No

What to expect

Mountain bike tracks are graded using the New Zealand Mountain Bike Association grading system. Please refer to the individual track description for more detail.


Theft from vehicles is not common but unfortunately can happen. You should take the same reasonable precautions you take when parking at other locations and remember to lock your vehicle and take your valuables with you.


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