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Please note that booking hours for regional parks campgrounds, SCC campgrounds, SCC parking areas, baches and bookable sites is as follows:

Daylight saving: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday through to Sunday
Non daylight saving: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday through to Sunday

No bookings can be taken over the phone (or in person on site) outside of these times.

No cash payments are available at any time on park. We strongly recommend that you call our contact centre in advance of your arrival on park on (09) 366 2000, option 1, to make your booking.

Animals (except aid dogs) are prohibited at all times.

If you under the age of 18 you will be required to get parental consent to make a campground booking.
Please click here to download the consent form

Remember to be a tidy Kiwi!

All our regional parks are rubbish free. Whether you call it rubbish, trash or garbage, please bag it all up and recycle it or throw it away when you return home.


About Lagoon Bay Campground

Lagoon Bay Campground is located at Mahurangi East and is only accessible by boat. The beach is very tidal - at low tide visitors will need to walk 250m up the muddy beach.

  • No open fires.
  • No camping on foreshore.
  • The campground is not accessible from Sullivans Bay after main gate closing time.
Regional park: Click here for information about 'Mahurangi' (including gate opening hours)
Bookable: View availability calendar
Cost per night:
Adult: $8.00 18 years and over
Child: $4.00 5 - 17 years
Infant: $0.00 Under 5 years
Max persons: 20
Max stay (peak): 7 nights
Max stay (off-peak): 7 nights
Non potable water: Water is limited and dependant on weather conditions, and therefore supply is not guaranteed. We recommend bringing your own water with you, particularly during dry periods. When available, untreated water can be accessed from a water tank at the woolshed or from the main car park at Sullivans Bay. Boil or treat the water before use, and take only what you need.
Toilets: Basic long-drop toilet. Please clean after usage. Bring your own toilet paper as this facility is not serviced.
Watercraft guidelines:: If using watercraft, please ensure your vessel meets all boating safety guidelines and you have the correct safety equipment onboard including PFDs. Check the latest marine forecast and remember that weather conditions can change rapidly. Make sure you plan your trip to match your groups experience level. If visiting off shore islands please check all your equipment and vessel carefully to prevent the spread of unwanted pests. Check your marine charts for anchorage advice.
Booking restriction period: This site can be booked up to six months from todays month. e.g. In June you may make a booking for a date in December.


For more information please contact us at the Auckland Council or email


This campground is only accessible by water. Lagoon Bay is a shallow tidal bay which dries extensively, so close shore access by boat or kayak is possible at high tide only. Consider using a dolly or kayak wheels. Kayaks or dinghies can be hand-launched from Sullivans Bay (2.2km away).

Wenderholm Regional Park has a boat ramp with boat trailer launching facilities. Other possible launching locations are Scott Landing, Martins Bay and Opahi Bay - check with the Council for boat ramp usage restrictions. Boat to the northern end of Lagoon Bay (inside the harbour entrance on the western side of the Mahurangi East peninsula). Walk up the beach (approximately 20m at high tide) to the small cleared area to the right (south) and behind the woolshed.

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