Edwin Mitchelson Track

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Pram access short walk

From Oaia Road, track descends through regenerating coastal forest to Lookout Track (20 minutes) then continues to Edwin Mitchelson Road. Enjoy spectacular views north up Muriwai Beach.

Edwin Mitchelson Track details

Regional park: Click here for information about 'Muriwai' (including gate opening hours)
Distance: 1.1 km
Time: 30 minutes
Wheelchair access: No
Pram access: Yes.

What to expect

Pram access short walks are suitable for most wheelchair users with assistance, mountain buggies, young familes and some types of walkers. All pram access short walks are part of the path classification of tracks and are suitable for people of most ages, mobility and fitness.

Pram access short walks will:
  • Have mostly level grades with all weather surfaces consisting of compacted gravel or similar.
  • Have a high level of signage with directional signs at the track entrance and all junctions.
  • Have all water courses culverted or bridged, and there will be no steps.
Pram access short walks may:
  • Have seats and viewing platforms at areas of interest.
  • Have some patches of rough surface that can still be┬ánavigated by assisted wheelchair.


Theft from vehicles is not common but unfortunately can happen. You should take the same reasonable precautions you take when parking at other locations and remember to lock your vehicle and take your valuables with you.