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Remember to be a tidy Kiwi!

All our regional parks are rubbish free. Whether you call it rubbish, trash or garbage, please bag it all up and recycle it or throw it away when you return home.

Important notice

Track Closures

Following the decision by the Environment and Community Committee to close a number of tracks and implement a further programme of high and medium risk track closures, staff and rangers have been working hard to identify more tracks for closure.

A rāhui has been placed over the Waitākere Ranges by iwi Te Kawerau a Maki. This cultural restriction by the mana whenua of the area urges people to stay away from the ranges to allow the forest to heal. The council supports the principles of the rāhui and recommends alternative walking and tramping tracks across the Auckland region.

The list below includes additional tracks identified since the committee meeting on 5 December. Long-term closures are in place for the following tracks:

  • Waitoru Reserve Track - Bethells Road

If visiting open areas of the ranges, or any kauri forest:

  • Clean all soil off your footwear and other gear every time you enter or leave a forest area with native trees and at every cleaning station
  • Use disinfectant after you have removed all the soil 
  • Stay on track and off kauri roots.

For more information about kauri dieback disease click here.
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About Te Henga - Bethells

Te Henga or Bethells Beach is another beach in the Waitakere Ranges well worth a visit. Here you will also find, behind the sand dunes, Lake Wainamu - a popular swimming alternative to the rough west coast beaches.  It is a geographically contained area with constrained vehicle access and limited parking capacity. 

Park information

Pedestrian access: Open 24 hours
Summer gate opening hours:
6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Daylight savings)
Winter gate opening hours:
6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Non daylight savings)
Distance from CBD: 45 km
Park map: Click here to download a park map

Dog walking restrictions

How to get to Te Henga - Bethells

Take Scenic Drive, then Te Henga Road which takes you to Bethells Road and on to Te Henga Beach.

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Park facilities


Lake Wainamu parking. Additional parks are available at Te Henga walkway trail head.

Park activities


Early Māori were drawn to this area’s rich resources of seafood, berries and birds and grew gourds, kumara and taro. Shell middens, terraces, pits and pā (fortifications) can still be seen. At Cascade Kauri, on the edge of the
golf course, is the Te Punanga (hidden place), a kāinga occupied in times of danger.

By the mid-1850s some of the first Europeans began to settle in this area and the kauri began to be logged. The Sisam family established Arrow Farm on what is now the Waitākere Golf Course. Len Sisam became the first ranger
in the area at the age of 19 and formed some of the first tracks. By the 1920s most of the area had been logged and farmed and in 1924 the Auckland City Council and the Crown purchased the land as a reserve to save the forest

Te Henga grew in popularity from 1912 onwards and the Bethell family’s guesthouse catered for those holidaying from Auckland and the surrounding area. The road was sealed in 1982, encouraging increased numbers of visitors.