Tramping track

Suitable for people of reasonable fitness and experience.

Tramping tracks will:
  • Consist of formed and drained surfaces.
  • Be signposted at track entrances and key junctions.
Tramping tracks may:
  • Have structures in permanent wet areas but waterways will not generally be bridged.
  • Tramping tracks may also have limited track information, and steep grades.

Parks which have this type of track

Centennial Track Centennial Track 1.25 hour - 3 km From Anawhata Road, Centennial Track leads to a high rock bluff. From this point, the track descends a series of rock steps and continues around several small valleys down to Black Rock Dam on Piha Stream (30 minutes). Chateau Mosquito Track Chateau Mosquito Track Track Closed 1 hour - 2.3 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Cutty Grass Track Cutty Grass Track 1.25 hour - 3.6 km From Scenic Drive, Cutty Grass Track follows an undulating ridge, passes a large kauri on the left (10 minutes); then reaches Ridge Road Track near its junction with Anawhata Road. The track recommences a short way further north along Ridge Road Track. Kuataika Track Kuataika Track 2.25 hour - 5.2 km From Anawhata Road, Kuataika Track crosses Anawhata Farm then descends steeply through bush to cross Anawhata Stream. The track then climbs very steeply to open ridge which it follows down to Kuataika Stream. From here, the track climbs past Kuataika. Pole Line Track Pole Line Track Track Closed 0.3 hour - 0.8 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. RGB Track RGB Track Track Closed 1 hour - 2 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Ridge Road Track Ridge Road Track Track Closed 1.5 hour - 3 km From Anawhata Road, the Ridge Road Track follows undulating ridge to Simla. Enjoyable medium distance trek. Can be slippery under foot if it has been raining. Simla Track Simla Track 1 hour - 1.7 km From the Ridge Road Track, Simla Track follows along the ridge. Views of the Anawhata Valley unfold just before the track descends extremely steeply to Smyth Stream at the old kauri dam site. 35mins - 1hr to ascend. Sisam Track Sisam Track ¾ hour - 1.6 km Sisam Track follows the ridge from the Smyth Ridge Track, then descends very steeply to the junction of Chateau Mosquito and Simla Tracks just above Anawhata Stream. 30 - 45 mins to ascend. Smyth Ridge Track Smyth Ridge Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 2.2 km From Smyth Corner, the track follows undulating ridge to Kuataika Track.
Cascade Kauri
Anderson Track Anderson Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 2.3 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Cascade Track Cascade Track Track Closed ½ hour - 1 km From the Fence Line Track, the Cascade Track descends from the west side of the spur to skirt around the small valley and cross Cascade Stream. From there, the track ascends through large kauri to Upper Kauri Track. Some steep and slippery sections. Cascades Long Road Track Cascades Long Road Track Track Closed 1.5 hour - 4.2 km Long Road Track provides a key link to many other tracks in the Cascades area. While following an old road may sound dull in comparision to some of the 'big name tracks' like the Auckland City Walk, Long Road Track is also a great walk in itself. East Tunnel Mouth Track East Tunnel Mouth Track Track Closed ½ hour - 1.2 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Fairy Falls Track Fairy Falls Track 1.5 hour - 3.2 km From Scenic Drive, opposite the parking area, the initial section of track is level and gravelled but later descends steeply to the top of Fairy Falls (45 minutes). Track then makes an extremely steep descent partly down a boardwalk, beside the falls. Fence Line Track Fence Line Track Track Closed 1 hour - 4.4 km The Fenceline track was upgraded only a few years ago and now has a good surface layer to minimise some of the famous Waitakere mud. In addition, a few of the steeper sections of the track have been realigned. Ferndown Track Ferndown Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 2.2 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Filter Track Filter Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 0.8 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Goodfellow Track Goodfellow Track Track Closed ½ hour - 1 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Lower Kauri Track Lower Kauri Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 1.9 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Montana Heritage Trail Montana Heritage Trail Track Closed 4 hour - 8 km The Montana Heritage Trail in the Waitakere Ranges provides access to the largest remaining stand of mature kauri trees in the Auckland region. You'll need a picnic and plenty of water if you are going to walk the full 8km. Old Coach Road Track Old Coach Road Track 1 hour - 2.4 km From the Fairy Falls Track on Scenic Drive, Old Coach Road Track follows the line of the old road, and part of Scenic Drive, up to the end of Tawari Road. The track then heads down to Mountain Road passing large kauri and rimu en-route. Opanuku Pipeline Track Opanuku Pipeline Track ¾ hour - 1.4 km A gravel driveway follows pipeline from Mountain Road to the Opanuku Stream picnic area (10 minutes); then climbs steeply along a clay track, and through a short tunnel just before Christian Road near Waitakere Filter Station. Peripatus Track Peripatus Track Track Closed 1.5 hour - 1.6 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Pukematekeo Track Pukematekeo Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 1.6 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Swanson Pipeline Track Swanson Pipeline Track 1.25 hour - 2 km From the end of Tram Valley Road, Swanson Pipeline Track follows a driveway, through a low tunnel then follows the pipeline along a bulldozed road. The track takes you over undulating terrain to Christian Road near the Waitakere Filter Station. Upper Kauri Track Upper Kauri Track Track Closed 1.5 hour - 3.1 km The Upper Kauri Track is a gravel track ascending to the bluff-top ridge with impressive groves of mature and ricker kauri. The track then continues up a long, gentle ascent to Long Road Track, 200m east of Smyth Corner. West Tunnel Mouth Track West Tunnel Mouth Track Track Closed 0.3 hour - 0.4 km From the eastern end of the Waitakere Tramline walk, near pipeline tunnel, the West Tunnel Mouth Track ascends gently to Anderson Track. Whatitiri Track Whatitiri Track Track Closed 1 hour - 2.9 km Whatitiri Track leads over a grassy picnic area into paddock, then descends via a tractor track to cross Waitakere Stream. The track continues through bush for 300m to a grass clearing and on through the first farm gate.
Christies Track Christies Track Track Closed 1.25 hour - 1.8 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Crusher Pipe Track Crusher Pipe Track Track Closed 0.3 hour - 0.8 km Crusher Pipe Track branches off Huia Dam Road crossing a stream to the right of water pipes, then climbs and widens to Smiths Road. Donald McLean Track Donald McLean Track ¾ hour - 2.2 km From Mt Donald McLean parking area, this is a gravel track following undulating ridge to the Karamatura Forks. Farley Track Farley Track Track Closed 1.75 hour - 3.2 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Fletcher Track Fletcher Track 1.5 hour - 3.1 km From Karamatura Loop Walk, Fletcher Track ascends a long steep spur with a short, steep climb to the main ridge where you can enjoy views over Huia. The track then continues along an undulating ridge to Donald McLean Track. Goat Hill Track Goat Hill Track ½ hour - 0.2 km From ‘Tom Thumb’ Kauri on Twin Peaks Track, Goat Hill Track ascends steeply to the top of Goat Hill. Hamilton Track Hamilton Track 1.5 hour - 2.8 km Hamilton Track climbs gently from Crusher Pipe Track to cross Summit Track (35 minutes). Enjoy the great views and large kauri trees as you continue down into the Nihotupu catchment to Nihotupu Dam Road end. Kakamatua Ridge Track Kakamatua Ridge Track ½ hour - 1.2 km Kakamatua Ridge Track climbs undulating ridge from Farley Track to Parau Track. Karamatura Track Karamatura Track 1 hour - 2 km The Karamatura Track climbs steeply over a short distance before descending to White Stream (branch to Karamatura Falls). It then ascends a steep, zig-zag section to spur which climbs easily to Donald McLean Track. Panto Track Panto Track 1.25 hour - 3.1 km From the north side of Huia Road, 200m east of the Cornwallis Road turnoff; Panto track climbs to a clearing amongst pines, then forks right and narrows. The track follows the ridge to Parau Track. Parau Track Parau Track 3.75 hour - 6.2 km From the grass area at the foot of the Lower Nihotupu Dam, the Parau Track ascends to the water tank on the flat-topped ridge, then follows a bulldozed track for 50m. Pipeline Track Pipeline Track ½ hour - 0.9 km Pipeline Track is a wide track that branches off Pipeline Road to the junction of Slip Track. The track then narrows and continues over undulating ground, crossing a wooden bridge above the Nihotupu Stream just before reaching Nihotupu Dam Road. Puriri Ridge Track Puriri Ridge Track ¾ hour - 2 km Starting 20m from the carpark along Donald McLean Track, Puriri Ridge track circuits the valley basin then follows an undulating ridge where you can enjoy good views, down to Whatipu Road. Tom Thumb By-Pass Track Tom Thumb By-Pass Track Track Closed ¼ hour - 0.6 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Tom Thumb Track Tom Thumb Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 1.6 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Twin Peaks Track Twin Peaks Track Track Closed 2.5 hour - 3 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Upper Huia Dam Track Upper Huia Dam Track Track Closed 1.5 hour - 4 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Walker Ridge Track Walker Ridge Track 1.5 hour - 2.8 km From Huia Ridge Track, Walker Ridge Track follows undulating ridge to the junction of Gibbons Track and Muir Track. There are several steep sections.
Hunua Ranges
Lilburne Road Track Lilburne Road Track 1.3 hour - 5.1 km Starting at the beginning of Lilburne Road at the top of the Mangatawhiri Dam wall, the Lilburne Road Track passes through regenerating farmland with views of the Mangatawhiri Dam. Lower Mangatawhiri Track Lower Mangatawhiri Track 4 hour - 6.4 km Starting at the top of Moumoukai Road, this track closely follows the park boundary and an exotic forest before descending to the Lower Mangatāwhiri. Follow an old bulldozed track crossing farmland and the Mangatāwhiri River. Mangatangi Trig Track Mangatangi Trig Track Track Partially Closed 3 hour - 3.9 km The section west of Workman Road to the Mangatangi Trig has been closed to protect the Kauri found in this area of the park. Please contact the sector office for the most up to date information. Please visit for more information. Pukapuka Track Pukapuka Track 4 hour - 6.4 km Pukapuka track starts from the top of the Mangatangi Hill Road, and meanders through regenerating bush, grasslands and former farmland. Rata Ridge Track Rata Ridge Track 2 hour - 3.8 km Off Lilburne Road, follow the Rata Ridge Track as it passes through mature native forest before descending towards the Konini Stream above the head of the Mangatangi Dam. Suspension Bridge Track Suspension Bridge Track 1.5 hour - 3.5 km The loop combines the Suspension Bridge Track with part of the Wairoa Cossey Track. Start at the suspension bridge over the Wairoa Stream near the carpark on the Wairoa Reservoir Access Road (off Moumoukai Road). Wairoa Loop Track Wairoa Loop Track 3 hour - 6.5 km The Wairoa Loop Track climbs steeply from the south side of the Wairoa picnic site (off Moumoukai Road) to a lookout platform 1.5km from the entrance. The lookout is a short distance from the main track and provides magnificent views. Workman Track Workman Track Track Partially Closed 6 hour - 10.2 km There is a detour due to Kauri dieback, taking you from Workman Road up and across the Mangatangi Dam face, following the old service road, quickly rising through regenerating bush and pasture to Mt Workman.
Connect Track Connect Track 0.3 hour - 0.3 km As per its name, Connect Track connects Winstone Track with Kitekite Track near Kitekite Falls. Cowan Track Cowan Track 0.16 hour - 0.2 km From Piha Road, Cowan Track descends over uneven ground, deeply rutted with roots, to bridge on Kauri Grove Track. Forbes Track Forbes Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 1.1 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Home Track Home Track Track Partially Closed 1.5 hour - 3.8 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Horoeka Track Horoeka Track ½ hour - 1.4 km From Piha Road, Horoeka Track descends steep spur to Karekare Road beside Karekare Stream bridge. Enjoy views of lower Karekare Valley and the west coast. Huia Ridge Track Huia Ridge Track 2.75 hour - 6 km Huia Ridge Track follows the Huia watershed fenceline to Lone Kauri Road. Track re-enters bush and follows undulating ridge around the upper Huia watershed before swinging right along ridge between the Karamatura and Pararaha. Ian Wells Track Ian Wells Track 1 hour - 2.4 km From Piha Road, the Ian Wells Track follows an old access road to the (now empty) Nihotupu Auxiliary Dam, before it narrows and continues with some muddy patches and stream crossings to Cutty Grass Track. Kauri Grove Track Kauri Grove Track 1.25 hour - 3 km Kauri Grove Track leaves Piha Road and traverses remnant kauri forest, continues around the headwaters of Glen Esk Stream and descends easily to Ussher Cross. The track then heads to the top of Kitekite Falls. Marguerite Track Marguerite Track 1.5 hour - 2.3 km Marguerite Track links Home Track with Kauri Grove Track. The track crosses two streams in the headwaters of Glen Esk Valley and edges around intervening spurs with some mature kauri. Maungaroa Lookout Track Maungaroa Lookout Track 1 hour - 2.5 km Maungaroa Lookout Track leads across Piha Stream and ascends very steeply to Maungaroa Ridge. Near the top, a short track leads off to Kitenui Lookout. Just beyond the junction with Maungaroa Ridge Track, a second branch track goes to Maungaro Trig. Maungaroa Ridge Track Maungaroa Ridge Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 2.2 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. McKenzie Track McKenzie Track Track Closed ¾ hour - 1.1 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Piha Valley Track Piha Valley Track 1.5 hour - 2.2 km From the carpark at the end of Glen Esk Road, the Piha Valley Track is an easy, level track following the banks of the Piha Stream past McKenzie Track junction to a fork (30 minutes). Quarry Track Quarry Track Track Partially Closed ½ hour - 1.1 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Winstone Track Winstone Track 1 hour - 2 km Easy gravel track leaves Piha Road, just before Karekare Road turnoff and descends to Ussher Cross (30 minutes). It continues across Glen Esk Stream, climbs a ridge and continues up gentle grade along the south side of a ridge through young kauri groves.
Destruction Gully Track Destruction Gully Track ¾ hour - 1.2 km This track starts on Whatipu Road. As you go down Whatipu Road towards Whatipu you will see a sign on the right hand side of the road. There is a nook on the left of the road where the track starts and where you can park your car. Gibbons Track Gibbons Track 2 hour - 3.2 km Once an old logging road running along the top of the Whatipu coastal cliffs, Gibbons Track is now a great track for views over the Whatipu wetland. The track has a steep climb from the Whatipu end; however it is mainly flat and level from then on. Kura Track Kura Track Track Closed 1.75 hour - 3.6 km Under Kauri Dieback Management. Muir Track Muir Track ¾ hour - 1.2 km This track is usually used as part of a circuit from the Whatipu carpark allowing people to link the Gibbon, Muir and Pararaha Valley tracks with the Whatipu Coastal walk. Omanawanui Track Omanawanui Track 2.25 hour - 3 km Omanawanui Track is regarded by many as one of the secret jewels in the treasure trove of tracks in the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. Despite a few steep sections, the track rewards walkers with its sparkling water views. Pararaha Valley Track Pararaha Valley Track Track Closed ½ hour - 1.1 km The Pararaha Valley Track is a great track that has had a lot of work in the last five years changing it from a waist deep mudfest to a nice boardwalk stroll. A popular way to access the Pararaha Valley campground from the Whatipu coast. Signal House Track Signal House Track 0.3 hour - 0.4 km Signal House Track is a branch track from Omanawanui Track following the ridge to the site of the Signalman’s House, above Paratutai Island.